Whether you are limited for space, wanting to save some energy or looking for a cost efficient option, Delco will help you find best fit from the full line of Torin Drive (Standard Elevator Systems) elevator machine products.

Torin machines are compact and energy efficient geared traction and gearless traction elevator machines. 

Versatile Options

Select the elevator machine that best fits your modernization project - whether it's geared traction, gearless traction or MRL. Our friendly elevator experts will assist you in finding the right solution for your project. 

Mod Packages Available

With the purchase of any elevator machine, we offer a 10% discount on all elevator component purchases. When compared to similar options, you may be able to reduce your cost per car by as much as $1000 (when compared to similar popular brands and components).

US and Canadian Locations

Did you know that Delco has delivered over 1000 elevator machines to elevator contractors in the US, Canada and the Caribbean? Take a look at our customer list. With a warehouse in Canada and in the US, working with us is easy! 

Get in touch and let us to help you put an estimate together!

Product Line

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