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With over 12,000 Delco Elevator Roller Guide Assemblies installed and running every day, you know that our products are being relied on by hundreds of elevator contractors across North America.

Delco Elevator Roller Guide Assemblies represent the epitome of quality and reliability. Whether for modernization or new build and irrespective of which machine has been selected, Delco Elevator Roller Guide Assemblies are your worry-free choice.

With 8 models to choose from, Delco Elevator Roller Guide Assemblies suit over 90% of elevator installations. Our roller guides are all code compliant and can be found in low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings, including some well-known buildings such as the Bellagio in Las Vegas!

Complete Package

All our roller guides come with a dust cover and many come with a Stop Kit. The Stop Kit is used to limit the maximum travel of roller arms while still allowing the arms to float and maintain contact with the rail. The kit makes it easier to adjust the maximum travel of the arms and at the same time, protecting the springs to be compressed solid.

The U shape bracket installed on some of the guide rollers assemblies is designed to protect the wheel bearings during shipping. This bracket has to be removed for the correct operation of the roller guide.

Our elevator roller guides are designed for car side and counterweight side applications.

They are best suited for the following range of capacities and speeds:

Capacity: 0- 6615 Lbs (3000 Kg)

Speed: 0 – 1200 fpm (6.0m/s)

Tough and Reliable

Easy to install and easy to maintain, each roller guide utilizes the best materials and is manufactured with high precision to provide many years of worry-free operation in many different elevator installation situations.

Frame materials:
Cast iron frame and arms with heavy duty bolts and springs provide a solid, stable and dependable base for the roller guide assembly.   

High quality polyurethane roller tires, with a hardness of 80±5 (Durometer Shore A) provide a comfortable, smooth elevator ride. Polyurethane has been selected for our wheels due to the compression strength and because it doesn’t create flat spots, ensuring reliable operation for many years. Polyurethane wheels are best suited for speeds up to 1200 fpm (6 m/s).

Precision Ball Bearings:
Bearings are very important for the quality and comfort of the ride. Delco Elevator Roller Guides are made with NSK ball bearings manufactured in Japan. NSK ball bearings are recognized world-wide as the most reliable, high performance bearings.

Delco Roller Guide Assemblies Product Line (PDF)


Selection Guide

Please check the Selection Guide Table for the speeds and capacities of all our models:

Roller Guide Assemblies Selection Guide (PDF)

Elevator roller guide assemblies are an important elevator component. The correct size and style must be selected for your elevator modernization. Please ask Delco's friendly and knowledgeable customer service for assistance.


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8 products
  • Delco RGA 3" Spring Free with Dust Cover
    Delco RGA 3
  • Delco RGA 3 1/4" Standard
    Delco RGA 3 1/4
  • Delco RGA 3-1/4" High Speed with Stop Kit and Dust Cover
    Delco RGA 3-1/4
  • Delco RGA 5" Standard Spring Loaded with Stop Kit and Dust Cover
    Delco RGA 5
  • Delco RGA 6" Standard Spring Loaded with Stop Kit and Dust Cover
    Delco RGA 6
  • Delco RGA 6" Spring Free with Dust Cover
    Delco RGA 6
  • Delco RGA 7-7/8" Standard with Stop Kit and Dust Cover
    Delco RGA 7-7/8
  • Delco RGA 10" High Speed with Stop Kit and Dust Cover
    Delco RGA 10